Lancs TCAM IPCore

Lancs TCAM IPCore designed, optimized for applications that need specialized, low-latency, high-volume searches in network device manufacturing, database search, or IoT authentication applications.



  • Complete pipeline processing, allowing for clock cycle lookups;
  • Lookup delay less than 7 clock cycles;
  • Independent search and update processing;
  • Optimized for each device with Multi-Pumping Architecture;
  • Match/filter speed up to 400M lookups per second.


  • Multiple Configuration Modes Search Latency;
  • Configuration gets the width of the search keyword and the number of elements to search;
  • Configuration multi-pumping factor;
  • Configuration uses a sub-memory block of LUT or BRAM for maximum processing efficiency.


VHDL source, test design on FPGA and ASIC.


TIPCore application to develop products:

  • Types of network equipment;
  • Data compression, encryption and network security applications;
  • Search in large databases;
  • Applications in IoT;
  • Artificial Neural Networks;
  • Hardware-based packet analysis and deep inspection.

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