Lancs ESP IPCore

Lancs ESP IPCore is IP packet processing in high speed ESP protocol, fully compliant with IETF RFC 4303/RFC 4301 with bandwidth up to 200 Gbps.



  • ESP packet processing bandwidth up to 200 Gbps;
  • Support IETF RFC 4303/RFC 4301 standard;
  • Supports all three types of ESP security services: Confidentiality Only, Integrity Only, Confidentiality and Integrity;
  • Support IPv4/ IPv6 service;
  • Operates in IPsec ESP Transport or Tunnel mode;
  • Supports many encryption and authentication algorithms such as AES-CCM (RFC 4309) and AES-GCM (RFC 5288);
  • Automatically generate ESP padding generation and checking;
  • AXI-Stream standard compatible interface;
  • IKEv2 protocol compatible (RFC 5996).


  • Flexible with many different modes;
  • Can be integrated with common encryption standard such as AES, DES or customer’s own encryption standard;
  • Optimize resources according to bandwidth and latency requirements.


VHDL source, test design on FPGA and ASIC.


Network devices that require high security speed;

  • Devices that require a large number of connections;
  • Specialized information security equipment.

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