Lancs LPM CAM IPCore

Lancs LPM CAM allows searching for elements in the database using Technology CAM with extremely low latency with a very large number of elements.



  • Support all kinds of IPv4 prefix length (/0 – /32);
  • Completely designed pipeline to search all clock cycles;
  • 5 clock cycle seek delay when using internal memory;
  • Search speed up to 400M lookup/s;
  • Option to use external memory to process large data.


  • Memory-mapped AXI4-lite;
  • Total entries;
  • Hash Algorithm;
  • Number of prefix tables for parallel search;
  • (Optional) switches between internal and external memory selection.


VHDL source, test design on FPGA and ASIC.


LPM-CAM IPCore application in devices:

  • Network equipment;
  • Network acceleration application.

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