With the nature of their busy work, key individuals (VIPs) often require continuous access to information and data. Therefore,the internet access security solution is necessary.

Ensuring Information Security When Using a Combination of Private Networks and the Internet for Organizations

Given their busy work nature, key individuals (VIPs) such as business leaders, government officials, and highly influential people often require continuous access to information and data in any working environment. The use of public Internet, LTE, and 5G offers many benefits but also comes with cybersecurity risks. Therefore, a solution to ensure information security for internet access is essential.

Cybersecurity Risks When Accessing the Internet

Cybersecurity risks can include Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks, phishing, ransomware, malware, security vulnerabilities, and more. These risks threaten the information security of businesses and VIPs, leading to data loss and severe damage.

Internet access security solution
Internet access security solution

Benefits and Advantages of the Internet Access Security Solution

Lancs Networks' Internet Access Security Solution Model
Lancs Networks’ Internet Access Security Solution Model

Lancs Networks’ internet access security solution offers numerous benefits and advantages for organizations and internet users who want to connect to private networks:

1. Enhanced Security

The solution provides multiple layers of protection to ensure the safety of business data and information, preventing cyberattacks and security risks.

2. Compliance with Security Standards

Lancs Networks’ internet access security solution helps businesses comply with international security standards, ensuring the safety of organizational data and information.

3. Risk Mitigation

By using Lancs Networks’ solution, businesses can minimize cybersecurity risks, protect critical data, and prevent external threats.

4. Optimized Network Traffic and High Resilience

The solution helps optimize network traffic, ensuring stable and continuous connectivity. High resilience allows businesses to quickly recover from incidents and maintain business operations.

5. Flexible Solution Expansion

Lancs Networks’ solution is flexible and scalable, suitable for the size and growth needs of businesses.

6. Centralized Management via Cloud Administration

The centralized management system via cloud administration helps businesses easily control and manage all security activities, thereby enhancing management efficiency and saving costs.

7. Improved User Experience

Lancs Networks’ information security solution not only protects data but also enhances the user experience, helping them work more efficiently and safely.

Key Features of the Internet Access Security Solution

1. Next-Generation Firewall

Lancs Networks’ next-generation firewall can detect and prevent complex network threats, protecting the system from external attacks.

2. Multi-Factor Authentication

The multi-factor authentication solution protects data and information by requiring multiple authentication steps, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

3. Network Access Management

The network access management solution controls user access rights, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive data.

4. Network Segmentation

Network segmentation helps prevent the spread of threats by isolating network areas and controlling data traffic.

5. Continuous Monitoring and Testing

Lancs Networks’ solution provides continuous monitoring and testing, helping to early detect threats and prevent them before causing serious consequences.

Practical Applications of the Internet Access Security Solution

In Businesses

Lancs Networks’ solution helps businesses protect critical data and information, ensuring continuous and secure business operations.

In Government

Government agencies can use Lancs Networks’ solution to protect national data and citizen information, ensuring security and compliance with regulations.

In the Finance Industry

The finance industry requires high-level security solutions to protect customer data and financial information. Lancs Networks’ solution meets these requirements, helping banks and financial institutions operate safely.

In the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations need to protect patient information and medical records. Lancs Networks’ solution helps prevent information leaks and protect sensitive data.

In the Education Sector

Schools and educational institutions can use Lancs Networks’ solution to protect student information and internal data, ensuring safety in the learning environment.


Lancs Networks’ internet access security solution offers exceptional benefits for businesses and organizations. With advanced security features, this solution not only protects data but also enhances management efficiency and user experience. For more details about this solution, please contact us.

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