Lancs Networks signs strategic cooperation agreement with TinhVan Group

On June 6, 2023, a ceremony was held to mark the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Lancs Vietnam Technology Corporation (Lancs Networks), a pioneer in developing “clean” network devices and providing specialized information security solutions, and TinhVan Group Technology Corporation (TinhVan Group), one of the leading software solution providers in Vietnam.  

Representatives of Lancs Networks and TinhVan Group at the signing ceremony

This event signifies a further increase in the number of integrated partners in Lancs Networks’s networks, including VNPT Corporation, MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation, Gtel Technology Corporation, and more. Collaborating with TinhVan Group will enable Lancs Networks to expand and increase its customer base in Vietnam – one of the company’s key growth markets.

TinhVan Group Technology Corporation is a leading IT company in Vietnam with over 28 years of operation. Over time, TinhVan Group has established its position in the domestic and global markets through its core business activities.

Regarding this cooperation, Mr. Hoang To – CEO of TinhVan Group expressed:

“We are proud to collaborate with a leading technology company like Lancs Networks. As a software development company, we are always looking for secure network products and solutions to support customers in enhancing information security and addressing network security issues. I believe that the signing of this investment and strategic cooperation agreement between TinhVan Group and Lancs Networks will allow both parties to leverage their strengths to jointly develop and realize this vision, bringing value to the community and society.”

Representatives of both companies signing the strategic cooperation contract

With strengths in core technology, self-manufacturing network devices, and providing secure information security for customers ranging from households, small and medium-sized enterprises to government agencies, telecommunications companies, and data centers, Lancs Networks sees significant benefits in collaborating with a professional and experienced software technology company like TinhVan Group.
“I expect that the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Lancs Networks and TinhVan Group today will open up new directions for both companies. Both parties commit to sharing resources and experiences to enhance competitiveness, further improving the value of the products and solutions of each party, and contributing to affirming the position of Vietnamese software and information technology companies on the international stage”, shared Mr. Ha The Truong, CEO & Business Director of Lancs Networks.

Mr. Ha The Truong, CEO & Business Director of Lancs Networks (left) with Mr. Hoang To, CEO of TinhVan Group (right)

The signing ceremony of the investment and cooperation agreement is a continuation of Lancs Networks’s strategy to form alliances with Vietnamese technology companies, aiming for sustainable development, increased competitive advantage in the global market, and reducing dependence on foreign suppliers, particularly in the software and IT services sector.

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