Lancs Networks participates in the BK Investor Network Annual Event

On July 8th and 9th, the largest-ever event of BK Fund – BK Investor Network took place at Soc Villa, Soc Son. This annual event was designed to promote the development of the entrepreneurial innovation and spin off investment network, technology enterprises of universities, research institutes, and foster connections at the national and international levels. It served as a gathering place for all investors, mentors, and business owners who are interested in the BK Alumni House network and startup investment network in general.

Investors, advisors, and business owners within the BK Alumni network
The atmosphere on the first day of the event

At the event, Lancs Networks participated as both a Gold sponsor and a technology startup. They had the opportunity to share their success story as one of the startup companies that received investment from BK Fund a year ago. Additionally, they expressed their desire to continue connecting and strengthening cooperation with the investor community.

Mr. Ha The Truong – CEO & Business Director of Lancs Networks

Opening the event, Mr. Ha The Truong – CEO & Business Director of Lancs Networks, shared, “As the host, we are honored to welcome all distinguished guests to gather at Soc Villa. One year ago, Lancs Networks signed a cooperation agreement and received investment from BK Fund. And now, at this year’s event, Lancs Networks participates as a successful story resulting from BK Fund’s investment. We also hope to receive contributions from the investor community to aim for the top position in Vietnam and even the region, as suggested and desired by Chairman Pham Dinh Doan for Lancs Networks”.

Mr. Trinh Thanh Binh – Advisor to the Board of Directors speaking during the Open Pitch session

“Lancs Networks currently has the ability to master core technology, self-reliance in production, and is a pioneer in research, development, and production of network and information security solutions. Therefore, there are not many domestic competitors, and foreign products are costly. This makes it highly potential for Lancs Networks to enter the international market with reasonable pricing”, affirmed by Mr. Trinh Thanh Binh, Advisor to the Board of Directors, during the Open Pitch session of Lancs Networks

The event took place over two days with various activities to promote networking and share experiences in venture investment, led by experts from BK Investor Network. Activities included in-depth discussions on investment topics, team activities to develop negotiation skills, Open Pitch, intimate sharing of investment and entrepreneurial stories, Gala Dinner, and golf exchange. 

Lancs Networks team

Through this event, Lancs Networks aims to have more opportunities to develop networking and enhance cooperation with potential investors in the future.

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