Lancs Networks signs cooperation agreement with MobiFone Global

On May 25, 2023, in Hanoi, Lancs Vietnam Technology Corporation (Lancs Networks) and MobiFone Global Technology Corporation (MobiFone Global) held a ceremony to sign a strategic cooperation agreement in research and development of technology solutions.
The Signing Ceremony of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Lancs Networks and MobiFone Global

Present at the signing ceremony, from Lancs Networks were Mr. Ha The Truong – CEO & Business Director, and Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh – Chief Technology Officer. Representing MobiFone Global was Mr. Vu Phi Long – CEO of MobiFone Global Technology Corporation, along with representatives from its subsidiary units 

Speaking at the Cooperation Agreement signing ceremony, Mr. Vu Phi Long – CEO of MobiFone Global Technology Corporation stated that MobiFone Global is a subsidiary of MobiFone Telecommunications Corporation, established in 2007. Since its establishment, MobiFone Global has grown strongly in both domestic and international markets. It has subsidiaries in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and representative offices in Myanmar.

“MobiFone Global is delighted to collaborate with Lancs Vietnam Technology Corporation to leverage the strengths of both companies in developing projects related to network and cybersecurity technology solutions.” emphasized Mr. Vu Phi Long.

Mr. Ha The Truong – CEO & Business Director of Lancs Vietnam Technology Corporation expressed excitement about the collaboration with MobiFone Global in 2023. The partnership aims to provide specialized network products and services to partners/customers. Lancs Networks is a pioneering company with expertise in research, development, and production of network and cybersecurity equipment, serving customers ranging from households, small and medium-sized enterprises to government agencies, telecommunications companies, and data centers.

Lancs Networks is currently partnering with numerous major technology companies worldwide in the electronics and technology sectors, such as Intel Marvell, Qualcomm, Mediatek, Gemtek, and others. “The new collaboration between the two entities will allow us to capitalize on and enhance our strengths in various fields of operation, optimize the use of resources within the ecosystems of both parties, and unlock new opportunities and potential”,  added Mr. Vu Phi Long.

The cooperation agreement provides the basis for both parties to develop detailed cooperation plans, effectively leveraging their resources and advantages to achieve set objectives.

During the ceremony, leaders from both organizations expressed joy and confidence in the collaboration, believing that it will open up development opportunities for both parties. After the signing of the cooperation agreement, they agreed to further detail the content through specific contracts.

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