Lancs Networks participated in the reportage “Network safety and security in digital transformation” by Hanoi Radio – Television Station

In the digital era, the major challenge for countries and businesses in any field is ensuring safety, especially network information security. Along with the process of digital transformation, the increase in working in the cyber environment is considered to be the cause of the increase in the number of cyber attacks.

Vietnamese businesses are clearly aware of the issue of protecting information data systems, but the solutions on the market currently being used mainly come from abroad, with issues of origin and installation costs. raises big questions for businesses about finding suitable and reliable alternatives. Faced with this situation, the issue of ensuring network safety and security is becoming very urgent for organizations and businesses. Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Founder and Director of Lancs Vietnam Network Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Networks), had specific shares about this situation with Hanoi Television.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, CEO of Lancs Vietnam Network Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Networks)

“The story of digital transformation, especially with the remarkable development of the Internet, has made cybersecurity a concern beyond just physical borders. An individual’s or a business’s simple story can spread and become an issue that society and the world may know about and care about,” Mr. Thanh shared. “Alongside the positives, the consequences of the Internet for individuals, households, businesses, and governments are significant.”

Understanding the community’s fears in cyberspace, the company has produced “Make in Vietnam” solutions, where Vietnamese people own the technology and directly participate in the production process. Some of the company’s product lines, such as LINKSAFE, are being commercialized with reasonable prices, diverse features, and suitability for domestic users’ preferences, while also being capable of directly competing with foreign products.

Lancs Networks staff

On the journey of producing solutions owned by Vietnamese people, domestic research and production units still face many obstacles in certain specific processes. Mr. Thanh expressed his hope that the relevant departments will provide timely support to Vietnamese technology-independent enterprises in general and Lancs Networks in particular. This support will enable the company to fulfill its mission of becoming a leader in developing domestic network solutions for the community, moving towards entering the international market, and gradually asserting its position on the technology map.

Source: Chuyên đề Công Nghệ & Đời Sống – Đài truyền hình Hà Nội

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