Lancs Networks is featured in the reportage “Immune” to 24/7 cyber attacks by Digital Television (VTC)

The online network environment poses numerous traps and risks for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Not only are users “attacked” psychologically with inappropriate content, but they also face technical “attacks” aimed at stealing assets and information. This necessitates comprehensive and secure solutions for digital citizens.

Understanding these concerns, Lancs Networks designs and manufactures cybersecurity solutions tailored to the security needs of different user groups, from families and businesses to organizations with special safety requirements. Each product from Lancs is the result of dedicated effort, thorough research, and the desire to ensure network security for everyone, striving for a peaceful and clean cyber world.

Mr. Ha The Truong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancs Network Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Networks)

Mr. Ha The Truong, Chairman of the Board of Lancs Networks, stated, “The cyber world opens up many opportunities for connection but also brings challenges in information security. Therefore, the company aims to provide clean network solutions and international-standard information security for all user groups at reasonable prices, positioning Vietnamese technology brands as a local trend, and ultimately becoming one of the top choices internationally.”

All products and solutions from Lancs are designed based on Deep Processing and Acceleration. If technology interactions are detailed and complex, they can reduce transmission speed; “Acceleration” then plays a role in speeding up network services and processing packets at high speed. Lancs Networks successfully developed core technologies such as Lancs NOS, Lancs FPGA, Lancs AI, and Zero Trust to autonomously develop its product lines and technological solutions.

Lancs Networks engineer team working in the Lab

Based on these core platforms, the company successfully researched and created the LINKSAFE product range to meet diverse cybersecurity and information security needs. For families, LINKSAFE Home can filter harmful content, provide access statistics reports, and protect connected devices. For businesses, LINKSAFE Business helps enhance employee productivity, prevent data loss, and combat attacks. For schools, LINKSAFE ensures the security features required by educational institutions, opening opportunities for students to access online knowledge.

A parent uses LINKSAFE to manage their child’s online activity


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