Lancs AES-GCM IPCore

Lancs AES-GCM IPCore full support of NIST SP 800-38D standards; FIP-197 with bandwidth up to 32Gbps per IP. IPcore is packaged in a friendly and easy to use package with many practical protocols.



  • Specifications recommended by NIST SP 800-38D;
  • AMBA AXI-Stream 4 data interface;
  • Scalable throughput up to 32 Gbps;
  • Compliant with NIST FIP-197, support key length 128/192/256;
  • 96-bit GCM initialization vector.


  • Multiple modes, depending on the optimal choice of resources, bandwidth or latency;
  • 128 bit data block option with data I/O interface: 8 – 128 bit;
  • Choose from LUT-based S-box or RAM-based S-box.


VHDL source, test design on FPGA and ASIC.


Lancs AES IPCore can be used in:

  • IPsec hardware accelerator;
  • Secure Gateway, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Edge Router;
  • Edge router, edge network for IoT data aggregation;

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