Lancs AES IPCore

Lancs AES IPCore full support of NIST FIP-197 standards and bandwidth up to 32Gbps on an IPcore. IPCore is ready to be applied to popular NIST cipher modes like ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB, CTR, GCM. Already integrated in devices with protocols such as ESP, TLS of Lancs Nework and partners.



  • 1 IPcore encryption speed up to 32Gbps;
  • Allows running multiple IPcores concurrently;
  • Compliant with NIST FIP-197;
  • Handles 128-bit data blocks with 8-128-bit I/O data interfaces;
  • Use 128-bit key sizes; 192-bit or 256-bit;
  • Ensure data integrity.


  • Multiple modes, depending on the optimal choice of resources, bandwidth or latency;
  • 128 bit data block option with data I/O interface: 8 – 128 bit;
  • Choose between LUT-based S-box or RAM-based S-box.


VHDL source, test design on FPGA and ASIC.


AES IPCore can be used in:

Acceleration for network protocols that require high-speed encryption:

  • IPSec, TLS/SSL;
  • High-speed security gateway;
  • Network equipment, network security;
  • Data encoders;
  • Applications that need to handle a high amount of connections such as IoT, service connections, online games;

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