Lancs Networks participates in the movement: Hanoi aims to be the lead in digital transformation in the country

With specific measures, Hanoi has aimed to be one of the five leading localities in the country in digital transformation and building e-government by 2025.

That is the assertion of Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, Director of Hanoi Department of Science and Technology when talking with the Business Forum at the Hanoi Digital Transformation and Innovation Exhibition 2022, taking place from October 10. 11/12/2022 at Hanoi Museum.

Delegates perform the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Digital transformation and innovation in Hanoi in 2022”

To fulfill this important mission, Hanoi has strongly developed digital government, digital economy, digital society, fundamentally, and comprehensively innovated management thinking and administration, especially in the field of Administrative reform and public affairs. Such efforts should be towards the satisfaction of people and businesses for a common goal: Bringing Hanoi to a higher level, towards a civilized and modern Hanoi.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Hoang Giang (the second from the right) visits the digital technology exhibition booth

Digital transformation is creating opportunities for all businesses, creating faster growth, helping to participate more deeply in the global value supply chain. On the other hand, this is an inevitable trend for businesses to withstand the unpredictable fluctuations of the market, thereby contributing to improving the business investment environment, enhancing competitiveness and growth rate of enterprises in the future.

In addition to digital transformation, Hanoi aims to build the city into a leading high-tech center with scientific research potential, invention and technology transfer application capacity in the country; furthermore, in South East Asia. 

At this exhibition, the Director of the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology said that the city identified high science and technology, and innovation as the key driving force for socio-economic development, effectively promoting resources effectiveness, wisdom, and promoting the 4th industrial revolution.

Besides, high science and technology, and innovation strongly promote the digital transformation process, develop the digital economy, digital society and new economic models associated with labor restructuring; promoting innovative businesses, connecting with businesses in the economic region and the whole country, attracting multinational corporations, establishing innovation centers, research and development centers, etc. This is an important political basis for determining the goals of the capital’s scientific and technological development.

Displaying and introducing technology products booth of Lancs Networks JSC

At the booth displaying technology products of Lancs Networks, a company operating in the field of research develops and manufactures equipment, solutions and network security in Vietnam, Mr. Ha The Truong, Managing Director & Sales Director of Lancs Vietnam Network Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Networks), said: “The company’s product is a total system of enhancing security and privacy for businesses, organizations and individuals to avoid harmful content, unnecessary applications in their units.”

Mr. Ha The Truong, Lancs Networks Operations & Sales Director

Lancs Networks is the only enterprise in Vietnam in developing network equipment, network solutions and network security. Network devices manufactured by Lancs include secure wifi devices, MLS multilayer switches, SMR smart routers, NGFW next-generation firewall devices and core application network products. used in Telco, X-Haul and Data Center.

“These are all products invented, manufactured and developed by Vietnamese engineers. The product is suitable for households, small and medium-sized businesses, and government agencies that require absolute network security to avoid information loss”, Mr. Truong said.

Lancs Vietnam High Quality Human Resource Development Technology Joint Stock Company at the exhibition

Mr. Tran Manh Thang, General Director of Lancs Vietnam High-Quality Human Resource Development Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Edu), said that the shortage of high-quality workforces in the field of information technology is an obstacle for businesses in Vietnam to globally integrate and develop digital economy. Lancs Edu together with the Post and Telecommunications Institute of Technology have cooperated with the world’s leading technology corporations such as Intel and Amazon to provide high-quality and intensive training programs to improve human resources.

Together with Intel Corporation, Lancs Edu initially trained in-depth courses on embedded systems, AI and ML technologies. With Amazon Corporation, Lancs Edu offers more than 30 courses both online and offline such as cloud computing, project management.

Along with the exhibition and product display activities, there were also 2 seminars with many practical topics, associated with the needs of people, businesses and government agencies. This is also an opportunity to collect feedback, evaluate the process of digital transformation and innovation, thereby proposing and recommending the legal corridor, mechanisms and policies of management agencies for the Government in terms of this particular aspect.

Digital transformation and innovation in Hanoi in 2022 exhibition and seminars are a series of practical activities to promote the development of science and technology market, digital transformation and innovation. innovation in the city.

Pictures of Lancs Networks at the exhibition “Digital transformation and innovation in Hanoi in 2022”:

Sources: Kim Dung, Vu Phuong – Business Forum Magazine

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