Accessing the National Digital Data “Warehouse” with Lancs Networks – Opportunities and challenges for the Vietnamese Startup community

“Digital transformation cannot be done individually. It is a work that needs everyone’s participation. Digital resources are “gold mines” that the whole world is trying to create and exploit. This is a resource for thinking and for creative thinking.” That is the request and the wish of Mr. Tran Hong Ha, Deputy Prime Minister, at the Vietnam – Asia Digital Transformation Summit 2023 with the theme “Uncovering the power of digital data, into the future of digital transformation”.

That is also the message sent to the Startup Vietnam community. The program had the participation of Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang – Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director of BKAV technology group, Chairman of the Artificial Intelligence Development Committee, Software Association. and Vietnam Information Technology Services (VINASA); Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh – Founder, Chief Technology Officer of Vietnam Lancs Networks Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Networks); with consultation from Mr. Mai Duy Quang – Vice President of VINASA, in charge of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (Left), Host Thu Trang (Center), Mr. Nguyen Tu Quang (Right)

According to Official Letter 452/TTg signed and promulgated by the Prime Minister (hereinafter referred to as project No. 06) to remove barriers in implementing the project of developing the application of population data for identification and electronic authentication to serve National Digital Transformation Service, for the period of 2022-2025, with a vision to 2030. This is a document on the technology field with a very specific and drastic orientation that shows the determination of the government and the Ministry of Public Security in applying technology extensively in daily life.

Realizing the opportunity from Project 06, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, startup project representative, Lancs Networks Founder & CTO affirmed: “This is not only an opportunity for companies to access information faster and receive precise information because there was a huge barrier for startups in the past, but also an opportunity to build a foundation for software systems, information technology systems to make security systems be accessible to all citizens and businesses. Lancs Networks wants to cooperate with the community of technology startups to make it easier to work and create a foundation for startups to create product value.”

“In the past period, the startup community is researching, creating and looking forward to an opening national digital data warehouse with many opportunities” said Mr. Mai Duy Quang, Vice President of VINASA, in charge of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Project 06 and the national database being exploited will be great opportunities for startups, helping startups access more standardized and standardized information. Centralized data use needs to solve a lot of problems, including authentication, identification, and the need to ensure that the number of connections is very large. “For a technology company like Lancs Networks, it is necessary to focus on serving the startup community, speeding up handling of data processing problems, ensuring authentication, ensuring secure access by completely new technology of Vietnamese people – on the FPGA platform, serving businesses and management.” Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh shared.

There is a prospect that science and technology enterprises will gradually change their approach, have a more positive view of standards to meet and support each other in the startups community.

Sources: Thu Trang – VOV1

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