Mr. Ha The Truong: A Respected Leader Guiding Lancs Networks Towards Success

Mr. Ha The Truong, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lancs Vietnam Network Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Networks), is highly regarded for his far-reaching vision, leadership abilities, and decisiveness in his work.

Mr. Ha The Truong possesses over 20 years of experience in the ICT and business sectors, making him a highly esteemed expert in the industry. With a Master’s degree in Electronics, Mr. Truong has represented major telecommunications companies such as Siemens and Coriant. Through his capabilities and business development skills, Mr. Truong has contributed to building a sales channel generating revenue of up to $50 million per year, solidifying his position in the ICT field.

Under Mr. Truong’s leadership, Lancs Networks has been continually developing and achieving numerous successes. He has played a key role in setting the strategic direction for the company, making astute decisions that have helped Lancs Networks affirm its position in the market.

As the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ha The Truong is the head of the leadership team, bearing the highest responsibility for the company’s operations and strategic direction, and developing its long-term vision. Additionally, in his role overseeing business projects for Lancs Networks, coupled with his negotiation skills and extensive ICT expertise, Mr. Truong has secured many significant projects for the company.

Mr. Ha The Truong is a trusted and responsible leader, earning the trust and respect of the Board of Directors and the entire staff of Lancs Networks. He is like a “coach” who inspires and guides his “team” to become more developed and professional.

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