Lancs Networks participates in the potential technology startups network of BK Funds

BK Fund is a venture capital fund model established in HaNoi University of science and technology with the orientation of pouring capital for early-stage technology startups/spinoffs. This also provides a network of advisors and business partners for inventions and startup plans from the idea-of-commercialization stage. Lancs Networks is one of the technology startups with great growth potential that BK Fund invests in.

Lancs Networks engineer introduces network product “Made in Vietnam”

Lancs Networks is an enterprise operating  in the field of research, development, equipment manufacture, network solutions and information security. Lancs Networks wants to self-directly manufacture core technology, network equipment and information security “Made in Vietnam”. Mr. Ha The Truong, CEO of Lancs Networks said: “BK Fund has helped our company build a community of “Made in Vietnam” in the field of ICT, gradually contributing to transforming the concept of Vietnamese businesses in using domestically technology products, replacing imports as at present.”

Meaningful activities

Currently, BK Fund has invested in 6 startups and been accompanying them to overcome challenges after more than 2 years of establishment. Each project contains meanings and technological background. Before Lancs Networks, BK Fund also invested in technology startups related to fields such as Edtech, Fintech, eJoy English, Gimo, and N2TP.

BK Fund has the advantage of being associated with the technology development capacity of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Mr. Pham Tuan Hiep, Managing Director of BK Fund, said that BK Fund focused on investing and incubating start-up businesses in both high-tech fields, where very few investment funds are currently available, such as network security, development, etc. development of internet-connected devices, molecular biology technology, bioinformatics technology. BK Fund is the link to jointly build the innovation system of Hanoi University of Science and Technology and BK Holdings, contributing to the value chain of formation, development and commercialization of research, invention and innovation created in the University.

Sources: Thanh Huong – Business Forum Magazine


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