Lancs Networks gives 500 books to students in Vinh Phuc

On November 22, 2023, the delegation of Lancs Vietnam Network Technology Joint Stock Company (Lancs Networks) organized a donation of 500 books to students at Yen Lap Primary School (Vinh Phuc), where Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, director of Lancs Networks company, had studied and nurtured his dream.

“We pay deep attention to the comprehensive development of students, because investing in early education is investing in results for the future. Therefore, we hope each book will contribute to a rich knowledge for future generations, opening many doors for development, helping the Vietnamese people and Vietnamese knowledge become strong and have a position.” Lancs Networks representative shared.

Representative of Lancs Networks handed over books to the Board of Directors of Yen Lap Primary School

Not only giving reading knowledge, Lancs Networks also expressed its willingness to support the area in promoting digital transformation in education; network security protection; Help the School operate a “clean” Internet system so students can access healthy content; and improve self-study capacity and access to knowledge resources in the age of information technology.

Representatives of Lancs Networks Board of Directors (left), Principal (middle) and school alumni at the book awarding ceremony

Ms. Bui Thi Lieu, Principal of Yen Lap Primary School, also expressed her pleasure and joy when receiving this especially meaningful gift from the school’s alumni. “The school’s information technology system basically exists, but there are still many limitations in terms of information technology equipment and management tools. Currently, the school owns an information technology room, 16 projectors, and more than 30 computers, but the number of quality and well-functioning machines remaining is very small, most of which are not operating stably. Therefore, the situation of having to sit 2-3 children on one computer to be able to study often happens. At the same time, the children’s access to the network system at school is also very limited”, she shared.

Lancs Networks representative visited the school’s Informatics room

Here, representatives of the Lancs Networks Board of Directors also offered a number of solutions to support the school in the above issues including: Support in terms of repairing, setting up, reinstalling or replacing faulty computer systems; Include in the content of teaching children some basic chemistry about programming with easy-to-understand and friendly images; Survey the school scale to support solutions to help teachers control and manage children’s network access activities and the school’s information security system. The school board of directors wants the two sides to discuss more to come up with appropriate solutions to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the school.

Students are studying at Yen Lap primary school

Through the visit and gifting of books, Lancs Networks demonstrates its efforts to fulfill its goal of contributing to protecting the healthy development of the young generation. Hope that the students at Yen Lap Primary School, as well as all students in the world in particular, will maintain a healthy spirit of learning and training.

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