Lancs Networks and the journey of volunteering to spread knowledge

Volunteer activities in the journey to spread knowledge of some Lancs Networks members and individual philanthropic groups in Hanoi and Quang Tri in the last days of July have partly added motivation and spread love, and bring the word closer to the children of the Van Kieu ethnic group in Huong Son, Huong Hoa, Quang Tri province, following the culture of Lancs Networks “Serving and contributing to the development of the community” .

The excitement of the children at the children’s bookcase presented by the volunteer group

Volunteer activities took place at the sub-school site (located in Moi Village) of the Ethnic Minority Boarding Primary School in Huong Son, Huong Hoa, Quang Tri province. This place is about 120 km far away from Dong Ha City, about 10 km of which was completely washed away by the historic flood 2 years ago, and is still in the process of repairing and overcoming. The mountainous terrain is very steep, it is difficult to move, heavy rains easily cause flash floods, people do not have water to grow rice, they can only grow corn, potatoes, and cassava. The village is located at the end of the inter-commune road, with its back to the forest, so it has not yet enjoyed basic utilities such as: no clean water, no phone signal, no house has a radio or television. The population of the village is 100% of the Van Kieu ethnic group, only about half of the young people in the village can speak common language.

Ethnic Minority Boarding Primary School in Huong Son, Huong Hoa, Quang Tri Province

This area is classified as an extremely difficult area: children who go to school are supported with all tuition fees and are paid a salary of 70% of the regional basic salary, but only 20 children can be mobilized to go to school and being lumped into 2 compound classes(grades 1 – 5). The school was started construction in 2007 with only 4 classrooms, no playground, no water và no toilet.

The toilet was built by the local soldiers

Understanding the difficulties and obstacles on the way to school, Lancs Networks and a group of benefactors mobilized to contribute money to buy materials to build Toilets (2 rooms for male / female) and a yard. play pouring cement for children to have a space to play after school. Part of the construction labor comes from the contribution of the local soldier. In addition, the charity also donated to the school library 1 children’s bookcase (over 200 titles); sports and entertainment equipment (badminton, children’s volleyball, kickball, skipping rope, seahorses, dominoes,…). Although they are only small tools, they have created a joyful and dynamic environment for the children, giving them more motivation to go to school to find letters for Huong Hoa’s children.

The school yard is filled with sports and entertainment equipment
Children’s bookcase
The children enjoyed reading the donated books

The goal of the Education Department of Huong Hoa district and the school in the 2023-2024 school year is to mobilize the spirit of the people in the commune to let their children attend an additional class. Therefore, the volunteer group together with the school’s teachers cleaned and decorated one more classroom to be ready to welcome the children into the new school year.

The group of volunteers joined hands to clean up and remodel the classroom
The group of volunteers painted and repaired the classroom to welcome the children
Classrooms are spacious and clean waiting for you to start the new school year

This volunteer activity not only brings joy and laughter to the children because they can go to school, have more access to the new world, but also the happiness of the people who have joined hands to build the project so that children in ethnic minority areas have a better life. This is also the mission and culture of Lancs Networks “Serving and contributing to the development of the community”, giving love to receive love.


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