Exploring Lancs Networks’s Make in Vietnam cybersecurity products at TECHFEST 2023

From October 12th to October 14th, the event TECHFEST 2023 – “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day for the Capital Region” took place at the National Convention Center (Hanoi) “Hanoi connecting the Capital Region for innovation and development”.

The opening ceremony of TECHFEST 2023 (Photo: Tuoi Tre Newspaper)

The event aimed to promote innovative solutions from startups, attract high-quality domestic and international human resources to contribute to economic growth. Additionally, it aimed to inspire and foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship among all segments of the population, businesses, and especially the youth and students in accordance with the directions of the Prime Minister.

TECHFEST 2023 Exhibition served as a gathering place for entities within the startup and innovation ecosystem in the region. It provided support services for creative startup businesses, enhanced communication, and fostered the spirit of entrepreneurship in society. At this event, Lancs Networks, in collaboration with the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT), showcased leading Make in Vietnam technological products invented by the two entities.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, Director of the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology (second from the right), and the delegates visiting Lancs Networks’s exhibition area

It is known that the Lancs Networks’ product line is entirely “Make in Vietnam”. Mr. Nguyen Hong Son, Director of the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology, stated, “The government is actively promoting technology autonomy for businesses and the production of Make In Vietnam products, following the principle of Vietnamese people using Vietnamese products and eventually international customers using Vietnamese products. Vietnamese-made technology cores and cybersecurity solutions will address various concerns regarding data leakage within government agencies, businesses, and safeguard national information security systems. If we can achieve that, the company will undoubtedly be able to go farther in the future.”

Furthermore, from a user’s perspective, Mr. Son added, “LINKSAFE HOME solution is a bright spot for Vietnamese households. As a customer, I believe that this solution will have a significant advantage in the market due to its ability to cater to the networking needs of households who want to manage their children.”

TECHFEST 2023 is an important event that opens doors for innovation and entrepreneurship, in general, and specifically for Lancs Networks. It contributes to the connection and establishment of potential businesses within the field, creates opportunities to expand the market, learn, and share achievements as well as new technological products. This is a crucial opportunity to contribute to the development of Lancs Networks and elevate the Vietnamese Information Technology and Communications industry to new heights.

Some images at the exhibition booth of Lancs Networks in TECHFEST:


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